Cin's Sweet Creations

Years ago, I was approached by a gentleman who thought I may do well in the area of internet radio. I rolled my eyes and thought, this guy is nuts. I am an author, not a radio personality.

Well, after a few discussions with trusted friends, I was encouraged to go out and find folks to host on an internet based program. As I had been an avid Real Housewives fan, I approached Peggy Tanous of Orange County. She graciously accepted, and here we are years later. At present, my shows average around 30,000 listens a month.

My biker show, Sons Spotlight, finds me interviewing the Sons of Anarchy cast as well as all biker relative entities.

My main show, Cins Chat Corner, was my first show and fan favorite. I host actors, musicians, directors, producers, TV and film stars, reality TV and more.

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