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My Heart's Adoration

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This is one of my favorite pieces. It is a written as a tribute to mothers everywhere for all the hard work they do that at times goes unnoticed.


Splendid Valor

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$ 20.00 USD

This is an homage to our military personnel, both here and overseas. I thought it fitting to write a piece that would remind these fine fellows that their servitude is always appreciated.


Listed below are a few samples of my published works. Splendid Valor is a literary tribute to all military personnel, active or non-active, while My Heart's Adoration is an homage to mothers worldwide. Each comes signed and framed, and can be purchased by clicking Add to Cart above.

Splendid Valor

Blessed to possess a noble character

Fearless and tenacious in spirit

A polished propensity for continual altruism

Consummate projection of iconic heroism

Possessing robust determination to the pursuit of peace

Your career personifies a testimonial of love

Bestowing sufficient recognition of your accolades proves to be an eternal task

Furnishing our immunity from oppression warrants our consistent praise

Forever shall we persist in our quest to pay adequate homage

Humbled I am to be co-exist within our gallant realm

My Heart's Adoration

Selfless you are in deed and action

Embarking on an unimaginable excursion filled with few recognitions

Forgoing passions or livelihoods

Maintaining serenity and balance daily despite life's misgivings

Immeasurable fortitude displayed in the face of adversity

Projecting a graceful and spirited persona is routine

Impressing upon us the virtues of honesty and respect

Consider this my solemn token of gratitude

I offer my eternal appreciation for your existence

I admire your individuality

Your limitless grace and splendid sense of style

Your beauty radiates in ways unrecognizable to you

Within your arms is my harbor of security

In your eyes, the reflection of who I aspire to become

To me, MOM means model of marvelous

You are what my heart adores.

Copyright @2010 Cindy Mich





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