Cin's Sweet Creations

Milwaukee Writing Workshops

I am a woman who is lucky enough to get paid to write after years of full time jobs. I am now a member of the media, film, and also soon to be television. I am also a Wisconsin resident who wants to pass her knowledge along to other writers, as teaching is truly one of my biggest passions. I rarely get a chance to do this, and want to offer others the chance to get their creative side out.  The entire two hour class will be inclusive of the workshop, food and drink. The sessions will be located at my Glendale home, as it keeps the costs of the workshop down for all participants. I am scheduling a few in the next few months, so please check back here for updates!



June 17th Writing Workshop

$ 25.00 USD

June 17, 2018 - 2pm - 4pm: Creative Writing in Today's Culture - How to Write and Make A Wage that Works

June 3, 2018 Writing Workshop

$ 25.00 USD

June 3, 2018 - 2pm-4pm: How to Write for the Small and Sizable Screen - Successful Screenwriting Event

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