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Voyage of the Heart

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My newest collection of poetry created to awaken the senses and to send messages of hope and love to the masses. It includes sections on love of partners, children, friends, former loves and for lovers worldwide.

I am so very excited to announce that the re-release of my book "Voyage of the Heart" is finally available for purchase electronically.There are a total of seven chapters, each designed to touch your heart in every way imaginable. The complete breakdown is below. This would make an ideal gift year round. To purchase, click Buy Now. Coincidentally, any of these written pieces can be ordered separately and framed for purchase. Email me at if interested.


Chapter 1-  Lovers:  These pieces address former loves, but convey general thoughts and feelings about love.
Chapter 2 - Children:  These pieces talk about my children, and also pieces written about children in general.
Chapter 3 - Life's Heartache:  These pieces discuss the social issues of rape and miscarriage.
Chapter 4 - Marriage:  These pieces are about my marriage and pieces written for newly wedded couples.
Chapter 5 - Friendship:  These pieces talk about my life long friendships and pieces written about camaraderie.
Chapter 6 - Specialty Pieces:  These pieces include the Mother's Day Piece, Military Personnel salute and others.
Chapter 7 - My True Loves:  These pieces talk about my own true loves, and I hope I captured the essence of yours.

Listed below is a sample from Chapter 2 of my book. This particular piece is a tribute to mothers worldwide:

My Heart's Adoration

Selfless you are in deed and action

Embarking on an unimaginable excursion filled with few recognitions

Forfeiting passions or livelihoods

Maintaining serenity and balance daily despite life's misgivings

Immeasurable fortitude displayed in the face of adversity

Projecting a graceful and spirited persona is routine

Impressing upon us the virtues of honesty and respect

Consider this my solemn token of gratitude

I offer my eternal appreciation for your existence

I admire your individuality

Your limitless grace and splendid sense of style

Your beauty radiates in ways unrecognizable to you

Within your arms is my harbor of security

In your eyes the reflection of whom I aspire to become

To me, MOM means model of marvelous

You are what my heart adores

@ Cindy Mich 2010


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