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Sgt. Seizure & Evil Dr. Coo Coo Comic

$ 15.00 USD

Cost includes autograph, comic book and also shipping to anywhere in the 50 states.

As many people know, my 12 year old son had been a patient of Children's Hospital Neurology Department for almost three years. He suffered from a disorder called frontal lobal seizures. That meant that his seizure activity would occur on the ride side, making you notice his symptoms on the left side.  He had a number of struggles - hospital stays, medication changes and side effects, along with neurological testing. He has neuropsych exams, and also has suffered issues with memory, focus, emotional issues, and zoning episodes.  One day, my son sat down and wrote, then illustrated, the main characters for a book called Sargent Seizure and the Evil Dr. Coo Coo. We then found a freelance illustrator, and this has enveloped into a color comic book. Our hope is to do a few Comic Cons to raise funds for a clinical trial and put these into pediatric neurology hospital units in every state.  My son hopes to fill others with hope that tomorrow can be a new day with no disease.

It is a cleverly crafted book, and he has turned his neurologist into one of the main characters, Dr. Bald. Of course, Sgt. Seizure ultimately finds a cure for all seizure patients around the world. One of the neatest things about this venture is that my son refused to have the hero in the story resemble him in any way. He never realizes that he IS a hero.  He alone took a tragic time of life and made it into something more meaningful and magical.

Listed below is the Facebook page for the book. I will keep updating this page with the dates and locations of the Comic Con appearances, along with locations and places where the books will be available.

To order your book, please do so using the link above. Books are being printed in June. Please allow up to two weeks for shipments.  The book above is the draft copy of the cover.

Lastly, if you know of anyone that may want these books in their area, email me directly at

 Thank you so much for supporting my son's efforts.


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